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What I do as a Humanist Funeral Celebrant.
  • Meet with the family or friends most closely connected with the person who has died to learn more about that person and ensure that the funeral justly captures their life and personality
  • Advise on practical matters, such as options for the committal, for example, or the amount of time available for the ceremony at the crematorium
  • Listen to your ideas on music or readings and provide their own suggestions if needed
  • Share my ideas and draw on my experience when appropriate
  • Liaise with those involved in the ceremony, for example, anyone who will be reading a tribute or a poem / piece of prose
  • Write a unique ceremony that’s absolutely fitting for the person who has died and the circumstances
  • Be a calm presence on the day, leading the ceremony with warmth and dignity
  • Give you a presentation copy of the final script.
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